Shi LaChef is a teenage vegan chef with a passion for helping kids live healthy and thrive all in the spirit of fun.

In this fun video series, "Shi LaChef" changes the diets and minds of children using the proven power of peer to peer influence. Every episode includes the unforgettable 12-year-old food antagonist (Toby) that tries to destroy the concept of health using common opposing thoughts. With her delicious recipes and thought provoking ideas, "Shi LaChef" leaves children charged, encouraged, and ready to make healthy choices for their mind and body. 



Each Exciting Video Includes:

  • A Healthy Cooking Demo
  • An Exercise Segment
  • A Character Building Exercise
  • A Positive Affirmation 


Check out this sample video clip

"Shi LaChef changed my life by accident. I attended an event to assist my father who is a professional photographer. After hearing Shi speak about healthy eating and thinking, I changed my diet immediately. My parents couldn’t believe it. It’s been 8 months and I feel great, have more energy, and doing better in school.

Chris M. (Texas) 14 years old

Leon W. (Georgia) 9 years old

Recharda Graydon

Coca Cola North American Group

"I would highly recommend Shi to anyone looking to engage children or adults on topics related to childhood obesity and healthy eating from a child’s point of view."

"After going to one of Shi’s workshops, I ran home to ask my mom if we could change the way we eat, and we did. Thank you Shi. "


Shi LaChef  is the fun and playful 13-year-old youth Chef, CEO, and TV personality committed to transforming the lives of her peers through healthy eating and thinking. She started her first company, S.N.A.C. it up! (Shi’s Natural Approach to Cooking), in 2012 after getting off to a rocky start at home. Shi LaChef  began speaking positive affirmations over herself, and found that this not only improved her home life, but also made it super easy to choose healthy foods and positive thoughts. Her passion for eating healthy translated into a desire for all children to be healthy while enjoying food that tastes great. Shi LaChef knows her way around the kitchen, and is dedicated to providing kids with healthy food choices that they will love!

Shi LaChef  has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, has worked with top executive chefs, and has been featured in some of Atlanta’s upscale restaurants. As a part of her growing brand, she regularly conducts a series of workshops entitled “Think Inside the Lunchbox,” “S.H.A.R.E.W.I.T.H.,” “Sweet Life on S.N.A.C,” and “Toby’s War on S.N.A.C.!” The best part about what Shi LaChef does is that it is FOR KIDS BY A KID!


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