Help Us End Childhood Obesity and Juvenile Diabetes One Child At A Time!

When you give a gift to S.N.A.C. it up! you join us in the fight to eliminate childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes, and other preventable childhood illnesses one child at a time. Your partnership with S.N.A.C it up! gives a child hope and a chance to change his or her future by making healthy choices.  S.N.A.C. it up! is committed to spreading this timely message for all children. To share this message, our CEO, “Chef Shi”, conducts workshops and seminars to engage children in the message of healthy eating and thinking.

You can have the confidence in knowing that you have partnered with a company that is using the proven power of peer to peer influence to effectively change the bodies and minds of our youth.

As a valued member of our online community, you will receive our monthly eNews, and occasional updates about S.N.A.C it up! events and projects.

This 100% tax-deductible donation, will go toward helping Shi change the world as she educates everyone to make the necessary choices to promote a healthy, happy life.


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